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1. Respectful behaviour

At the Africa Institute library, users are expected to treat library staff, patrons, and library resources with respect and courtesy. This entails refraining from disruptive behavior, maintaining appropriate language, and respecting the rights and privacy of others.

2. Maintain silence or low noise levels in designed study areas.

We offer designated quiet study areas tailored for master’s and PhD students seeking a focused academic work environment. We kindly request patrons to observe silence or keep noise levels low in these areas to respect the needs of others. These spaces are specifically designed to offer the best atmosphere for studying, reading, and research.

3. Copyright and fair use

At the Africa Institute library, we strictly adhere to Federal Law No. 40 of 1992 on the Protection of Intellectual Works and Copyright of the United Arab Emirates. Our library is committed to upholding copyright regulations in accordance with this law. We ensure compliance through staff training, obtaining permissions and licenses when necessary, and providing resources and support to patrons. Our goal is to facilitate legal and ethical access to information while respecting intellectual property rights.

4. Food & drink policy

All patrons are kindly asked to adhere to our rules regarding food and drink consumption. To ensure the preservation of our collections and the cleanliness of our facilities, food and drink are generally not permitted within the library building. Users are permitted to consume food and beverages within designated reading areas and outdoor spaces. We kindly request that all patrons consume food and drink responsibly, using spill-proof containers and disposing of waste appropriately. Your cooperation in respecting these guidelines contributes to the preservation of our collections and facilities for the benefit of all library users.

5. Appropriate use of library resources and technology

It is imperative to emphasize that accessing pornographic websites or engaging in any form of inappropriate or illegal online activity is strictly prohibited on library computers and networks.

We uphold a zero-tolerance policy towards such behavior as it not only violates library regulations but also undermines the integrity of our learning environment and may cause discomfort or offense to other patrons. Additionally, we enforce restrictions on activities such as watching movies or playing online games throughout the library buildings.

6. Mobile phone & video call policy

All patrons are required to follow our mobile phone policy while inside the library. Please keep your mobile phones on silent mode or vibrate to minimize disruptions to others. Additionally, please refrain from engaging in loud or lengthy phone conversations within the library to ensure a respectful atmosphere for all patrons.

7. Guidelines for photography, videography & filming

To respect the privacy and rights of all library users, we strictly regulate the use of cameras within The Africa Institute library. Permission must be obtained from library staff prior to engaging in any photography or videography activities, whether for personal or academic purposes. Commercial photography or filming is strictly prohibited without prior authorization from library administration. Additionally, photographs or videos capturing identifiable individuals without their consent are not permitted. We encourage patrons to seek permission and adhere to these guidelines to ensure the privacy and comfort of all library users.

8. No smoking or vaping

Smoking or vaping of any kind, including the use of electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices, is not permitted throughout the Africa Institute library.

9. Protect your personal belongings.

For the security of your possessions, we kindly request that patrons refrain from leaving personal items unsupervised in the library to reserve study spaces. Please be aware that the library cannot assume responsibility for lost belongings. When stepping away from your study area for a restroom break or to attend to a phone call, we advise users to take their valuables with them.

10. Lost & found items.

We keep items found in the library at the security desk. If you find an item in the library, please deliver it to the security agent.