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Africa Institute’s Library Strategic Plan 2021-2024


The library has embarked on a three-year planning process (2021-2024) aligning its mission, vision and strategic priorities with those of the Africa Institute. The main goal of this strategic plan is to support the Africa Institute that “aims to be a model center of excellence in research, teaching, and documentation that is hoped to match in quality and breadth of coverage, existing peer of African and African Diaspora Studies in Africa, Europe, and North America.”

As the Africa Institute faculty prepares to open its doors for teaching and research, the library is committed to implementing a high level of service to all our user groups over the next three years. The library’s ambition is to strengthen its workforce by recruiting experienced and well-trained professional staff, curating a multi-format collection covering African and Diaspora Studies and selecting the best technology to remain at the cutting edge of information services and technology used in academic libraries.

The library strategic plan encloses four main strategic priorities:

Strategic priorities

  1. Staffing and developing the library workforce.
  2. Developing a collection that should align with Africa Institute’s unique position in the field of African and Diaspora studies.
  3. Selecting the best technology to ensure a perfect treatment, display, and access for printed and electronic resources.
  4. Library services: Performing, promoting, and maintaining credibility.