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Senior Lecturer of Arabic

Senior Lecturer of Arabic

Bilal Al-Omar is the Senior Lecturer of Arabic in the African Languages and Translation Program at The Africa Institute. Prior to this role, Al-Omar was a Lecturer of Arabic Language and Literature at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York (2017 to 2022). He has taught a diverse range of courses at Cornell University including Modern Arabic Literature, Current Events in Arabic Media, Elementary Arabic I/II, Intermediate Arabic I/II, and Advanced Arabic I/II. Additionally, he has developed a new Modern Arabic Literature curriculum for non-native speakers of Arabic and served as the coordinator of the Elementary Arabic class.

He has worked and been affiliated with Jerash University, Jordan as an Assistant Professor of Comparative and Modern Arabic Literature teaching courses in Comparative Literature in Arabic, Modern Arabic Poetry, and Modern Arabic Prose. Additionally, he served as the coordinator of the Academic Quality Department at the Faculty of Arts at Jerash University.

Currently, Al-Omar is working on a website dedicated to teaching modern Arabic literature to non-Arabic speakers as well as curating a dictionary with over 10,000 keywords. Click here to access the Arabic learning website can be accessed.

Al-Omar holds a Ph.D. in Arabic Language with a focus on Post-colonial and Comparative Literature and Master’s degree in Literature and Criticism Studies (2011), both from The World Islamic Sciences and Education, University in Amman, Jordan and Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language and Literature from the College of Arts and Sciences, Hashemite University in Zarqa, Jordan (2005).


Al-Omar’s research interests include Postcolonial Studies, Modern Arabic Literary Studies, Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers, and Comparative Literary Studies.


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