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Asa Messer Professor of Humanities and Africana Studies

Barrymore Anthony Bogues, Ph.D. (1994, Political Theory, University of the West Indies, Mona), is a writer, scholar, curator, and the Director of the Ruth J Simmons  Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice. He held  the position of Professor of Africana Studies, Royce Professor of Teaching Excellence (2004-2007), and is currently the Asa Messer Professor of Humanities and Africana Studies at Brown University. Additionally, he is an affiliated faculty member in the departments  of Political Science , History of Art and Architecture, and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

Bogues is the co-editor of a special issue of the Italian journal Filosofia Politica (2017) on Black political thought and the co-convener with the National  African American Museum of History and Culture of the Global Curatorial Project and   of the international exhibition project  , In Slavery’s Wake ." He is also the co-editor of the volume on African and African Diasporic Art, "The Imagined New" (2023), and a special edition of the Caribbean journal on the Caribbean Intellectual Tradition, "BIM" (2023).

Having curated and co-curated shows in the United States, South Africa, and the Caribbean, Bogues has published numerous essays and articles on the history of criticism, critical theory, political thought, political philosophy, intellectual and cultural history, as well as Haitian Art. He is a member of the editorial collective for the journal "boundary 2" and was an honorary professor at the Center for African Studies at the University of Cape Town, South Africa (2006-2017), and is currently a  Distinguished Visiting Professor and Curator at the University of Johannesburg.

Furthermore, Bogues holds the position of Visiting Professor of African and African Diaspora Thought at the Free University of Amsterdam and is a member of the scientific committee of Le Centre d'Art in Haiti. His teaching portfolio includes courses on African political philosophy, cultural politics, intellectual history, contemporary critical theory, and comparative literature of Africa and the African Diaspora, as well as courses on the art history of the  Caribbean.


Bogues's primary research and writing interests span intellectual, literary, and cultural history, radical political thought, political theory, critical theory, as well as Caribbean and African politics, Haitian, Caribbean, and African Art. 

 Selected Publications

  • The Critical Thought of Sylvia Wynter : An Intellectual Biography ( forthcoming )  2025.
  • Blowing the Abeng : Essays on Caribbean Thought , History , Art and Politics  2024.
  • "The Dual Haitian Revolution and the Making of Haiti." Essay in Road to Democracy In South Africa Vol 10: Africans and the Anti Colonial Struggle in the African Continent, the Caribbean and the Americas. 2022.
  • "Debt, Sovereign Power and Haitian Revolution" Essay  in Road to Democracy In South Africa Vol 10: Africans and the Anti Colonial Struggle in the African Continent, the Caribbean and the Americas. 2022.
  • "Working Through Injustice: Historical Catastrophe, Living History and Righting Wrongs." Perspectives on History, October 2022.
  • Judy, Ronald. "Anthony Bogues: Thinking in Motion." Boundary 2, Spring 2022, pp. 3-83.
  • "Reflections on Writing, Politics, and Caribbean Society: Conversations with Nuruddin Farah & George Lamming." Boundary 2, Spring 2022, pp. 85-128.
  • "Afterword Essay" in The Point is to Change the World: Selected Writings of Andaiye, edited by Alisa Trotz , , London: Pluto Press, 2020, pp. 254-260.
  • "Anti-Colonialism and the Politics of Equality in the Political Thought of Michael Manley" in Michael Manley in Conversations, IRP, 2019, pp. 220-240.
  • The Art of Haiti, Loas, History, and Memory.  Colorado Springs Fine Art Museum. 2019.
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